Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari

Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam AhmedAli Bukhari belongs to a very prestigious and most respected family of India, the family of Mahboob-i-Bari Hazrat ShaheAlam رحمة الله.

Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari

He is the descendant of Hazrat ShaheAlam رحمة الله Hazrat QutbeAlam رحمة الله and Hazrat Makhdoom  Jahaniyan Jahangasht رحمة الله.

He is the 16th generation of Hazrat ShaheAlam رحمة الله and the 40th of Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ.

He is the descendant of Hazrat Saiyed Abdul-Shaqqoor رحمة الله Who is the younger son of Hazrat Shaheed Panah-i-Aalam رحمة الله who is the son of Saiyed Muhammad Raju Sattar Aalam رحمة الله who is the eldest son of Hazrat Saiyeduna ShaheAalam رحمة الله.

Saadat-e-Izzam of the Sufi Suhrawardi tradition, who has given Islam a stable and firm existence, has played a significant and vital role in this process. As a result of this, many of the people have been bestowed with the right path of life and have obtained the path of the Holy Prophet ﷺ.

So many great spiritual masters have taken birth in the City of Ahmedabad, the Gujarat region, which has gained the title of City of the Saints (Madinatul Auliya) also.

This city is rich as being the dwelling place of great and very well-known Saints (Auliya), enlightened souls (Aqtab), Abdal, Spiritual Masters (Autad), great learned people (Ulma)and people with ethical conduct and character (Sulha).

Among these prestigious people, many personalities without any show, saints of Sufi Suhrawardi tradition, who had the wide-spread name, viz. Hazrat Qutub-e-Aqtab رحمة الله, Huzur-e-Qutub-e-A’alam رحمة الله, and Hazrat Shah-e-A’alam رحمة الله, whose face resembled that of Rasul ﷺ also have rendered significant contribution.

Every particle of this city is shining with the blessings and significant contribution of these Sufi Saints and gains positive development. Due to their fortunate existence in this city, the whole area has become the center of the highest learning and various arts.

All the people in this city and its outskirts have the happy narrations of these saints’ miracles and blessings. 

Peer BadreAalam Bukhari, the practitioner of the Prophet’s ﷺ way of life (Peer-e-Tariqat), who has utilized every moment of his life in showing gratefulness to the Almighty Allah for the blessings and happiness, is belonging to one of the branches of this holy tradition.