Achievements of Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyad BadreAlam Bukhari

Though It is very unusual and not an honest way to count his achievements in numbers, but to show a glimpse of his innumerable gaining, here are some of them listed

Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam AhmedAli Bukhari has been honored by various organizations and NGO’s for his contribution in uplifting the society.

Some of them are as follows:

1. Received Saadat Excellency Award by Saadat Association of Gujarat (Ahmedabad)

Saadat Excellency Award to BadreAlam Bukhari

(For the contributions in various social fields on 7th August 2016)

Janab Peer-i-Tariqat Hazrat Peer Saiyed Badre-Alam Bukhari Saheb (Descendent of Hazrat Shah-e- Alam رحمة الله ) has been honored with Saadat Excellency Award by Janab Saiyed Samar Hamid Hamdard (Delhi) under the banner of Saadat Association (Gujarat) in recognition of his selfless noble work, and immense contribution for upgrading, several educational, religious, social and welfare activities for the benefit of the society at large.

2. Shahji Education Academy

Book launching by Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari in Ahmedabad

He Has Started Shahji Education Academy with a vision to create future leaders from abandoned communities and also writing inspiring books on various topics under Shahji Education Banner.

Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari understands how important it is to help such people by providing higher and quality educations to carve their skills and manifest their talents.

It’s been a decay now, Shahji Education Academy has produced a number of individuals offering their services in various higher Government positions including doctors, IPS, and even judge etc. 

Note: Achievements by Some of his followers is being added in this section.

3. Social Wellness

BadreAlam Bukhari

He is actively working for improving the life of every individuals and showing them the right path, the path of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

This is the pure reflection of BadreAlam Bukhari’s influence and the inspiration that everyone gets from him that

  1. 18,000+ Youngsters left drug addictions
  2. 65,000+ people has started offering 5 time prayers infallibly.
  3. Hundreds of thousands of followers have their children highly educated and working across the globe without leaving the Islamic ethics.
  4. Continuously writing and creating a treasure of knowledge in a form of books on various topics.

4. Gujarat Printing Awards

Well, With sufi lifestyle Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari has a great business ideology also.

He is the founder of Shahji Global Biz Pvt Ltd. (A printing and publishing business based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

He Started this business from scratch and within a short span of time has grown it as one of the leading printing brand in all over the India.

Gujarat Printing Awards

The business doing excellent job and recognized by Gujarat Printing Association, that in 2018 Shahji Global Biz Pvt Ltd has awarded by two different awards i.e. Calendar Design Award and Stationary and book design Award by the association.

6. Launching Ceremony of the book "The Lineage of Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ"

The book was launched at the auspicious occasion of Jashne Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi ﷺ organised under the banner of Shahji Education Academy.

The following dignitaries were present at the launching of the book along with the author. From Left to Right the following luminaries were present

1. Janab Haji Mian Qadri (Ex Professor)

2. Janab Saiyed Ahmed Zeeshan Bukhari (Master of Accounts and Finance Management from La Trobe

 University, Melbourne and Currently working with ANZ bank of Australia.

3. Janab Saiyed Saiful Islam Bukhari (Ex. Member TAC Govt. of India , Ex. Vice Chairman Uttar Pradesh Rashtriya Ekta Parishad & a well-known Personality of Lucknow)

4. Janab Peer-e-Tariqat Saiyed Badrealam Bukhari (Author & CEO of the Shahji Global Biz Private Limited & Shahji Education Academy)

5. Janab Saiyed Zafar Ali Naqvi Sahab (Ex. MLA, Ex Minister of State Home & Forest , Ex.Member of National Council for Promotion of Minorities Education & Ex. Member of Parliment )

6. Janab Mohammad Tarique Khan Sahab (Deputy Director Residential Coaching Academy Jama Milia Islamic ,New Dehli.)

7. Janab Saiyed Abrar Ali Sahab (Senior Advocate & President of Saadat Association of Gujarat.)

8. Janab Makbool Hussain Anarwala Sahab(IPS officer, IGP Principal, Police Training School at Junagarh )

9. Janab Saiyed Naseeruddin Kazi (President Muslim society NGO.)

With the blessings of Allah the Almighty first version of the book has received the tremendous response and on the upcoming demand we have launched the SECOND VERSION of the book

5. Thriving Followers

Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari is such an ideal personality for everyone specifically for his followers. He ignites the thoughts and expose the hidden talent of his followers. 

He always encourage his followers and influence their parents to provide their children higher education. These are the efforts of Saiyed BadreAlam Buhari which are yielding some great results. 

Check out the achievements of some of his followers:

Two Sisters: ASI and Doctor

Gulista Muhammad SaiyedBhai Qureshi from Gandhinagar, is a follwer of Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari.

She has qualified ASI Competitive Exams 2017 with great results. She had got 2nd rank in all over Gujarat and now offering services in Gujarat Police.

Another follower from the same family, Gulista Muhammad’s sister is a Doctor and practicing in Germany.

Shahji Coaching in Khanvel

One of Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari’s follower from Khanvel is running a successfull coaching institute in Khanvel, Gujarat.

A number of students from different communities is taking benefit from his teaching and heading towards a better life.

Gold Medalist

Mohammad Aadil Pirzada Muhammad Rais had got a gold medal for scoring the highest marks in the B.B.A.N. and Travel Management Examination held by the Baba Saheb Ambedkar University of Gujarat.

He was awarded a certificate along with a Gold medal in the presence of Governor of University Mr. Kohli, Education Minister Mr. Bhupendra Singh Chudasma and Vidhan Sabha member Mr. Raman Bhai Vorani.

He was greeted by MuhammadAli Qadri the Chairman of the Gujarat Hajj Committee.