Jumm’at-i-Shahiya (The Sermons of Hazrat ShaheAlam RA) Vol 2

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The Sermons of Hazrat ShaheAlam Bukhari RA

This book is the collection of very rare found sermons (Khitab) of Hazrat ShaheAlam رحمة الله, which he used to deliver at Friday assemblies i.e. around 550 years ago.

These sermons were initially documented by one of the followers of Hazrat ShaheAlam RA. At that time the sermons were documented in typical Persian and Arabic languages nowadays which is very hard to even read. Only a few people and language experts could read them.

The author has put his strenuous efforts, and a lot of struggle to translate the sermons into the Urdu language and others. Now the book is under translation for English and Hindi languages also.

These sermons are translated for the first time ever in the history of 550 years into Urdu, English, and Hindi from a typical Arabic-Persian script.

This book is the translation of the 2nd volume of sermons of Hazrat ShaheAlam RA.

Finding the raw data and the ancient copies of the book were very difficult, but Alhamdulillah Author has got all the copies and the book has translated into Urdu for now. (Soon it will be available in Hindi, English)

This book is a real gem and consisting some of the very rare sayings and teachings of Mehboob-i-Bari Hazrat ShaheAlam رحمة الله which is impossible to find anywhere else.

An Introduction To The Content

The purpose of writing this book is to let people learn from the golden teachings of the great Sufi Hazrat ShaheAlam Mehboob-i-Bari RA.

The sermons that Hazrat ShaheAlam RA used to give on Fridays were documented by one of his followers. The sermons are divided into various volumes, and this book is the Urdu translated version of the 2nd volume out of those.

  • Each and every word of this book is a pearl of knowledge. Some of the very rarest things are discussed in this book regarding Tareeqat, Marifat, and the various other stages of spirituality.
  • Also, there is a detailed discussion given regarding Adab and Tasawwuf.
  • Hazrat ShaheAlam RA also added the importance of Namaz and other Faraiz/Duties of a Muslim.

Why You Should Read This Book

Jumm’at-i-Shahiya (The Sermons of Hazrat ShaheAlam رحمة الله) Vol 2

Our mission is to spread the teachings and sayings of the Sufis and our highness Hazrat ShaheAlam RA so that people learn from them and improve their lives for here and hereafter.

Key Features of the book

  • For the first time in 550 years, the sermons have got published in readable formats in Urdu and soon will be in English and Hindi.
  • This book consists of direct teachings of Hazrat ShaheAlam RA (there is no mixing/modification) done.
  • The work has done by Peer Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari, which is enough to imagine the authority of the book.
  • Hazrat ShaheAlam RA shade scarce knowledge regarding Tareeqat, Marefat, Adab, and Tasawwuf.
  • More Volumes to publish soon.

What Our Readers Have To Say About The Book

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The palatability of the book is that the writer has strengthened and made it more fruitful by keeping at its background many standard and authentic books.

The descriptions that are given in the book are from authentic and absolutely reliable sources. Therefore, this book is really a gem and is praise-worthy.


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