Seerat-i-Khandaan-i-ShaheAlam RA

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This book comprises all the historic details of Hazrat ShaheAlam رحمة الله‘s family such as where they came from, the nasab, family tree, their work for social welfare, their teachings, and about their descendants.

This book lets you know about many other Sufi scholars of the Suharwardi tradition (silsila).

The author has increased the beauty by adding references from authentic sources and has created an invaluable asset for the entire Muslim ummah.

An Introduction To The Content

The purpose of writing this book is to let people know about the Sufis of the Suharwardi tradition and about their teachings.

In the beginning, the author has shared the details about how the Sufis migrated towards Hindustan (it includes the nearby countries of India) from Medinah Via Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

The Book starts with a narration of the most pious Sufi “Hazrat Saiyed Jalaluddin Surkh Posh Bukhari RA”. The author also wrote about his lifestyle, work, teachings, his books, and miracles that occurred.

After him, there are pages about his sons Hazrat Ahmed Kabeer Bukhari RA and then about his son “Hazrat Saiyed Makhdoom Jalaluddin Jahaniyan JahanGasht Bukhari RA”.

Hazrat Jalaluddin Jahaniyan JahanGasht RA is a very well known personality of Islamic history. He has given an immense contribution to the welfare of society and has written a number of books. He also possesses a significant rank among the Auliya’s.

The way Peer Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari wrote about him is very appreciable.

After him there are narrations for his descendants Hazrat Naseeruddin Nosha Bukhari RA, then Hazrat QutbeAlam Bukhari RA, and then Hazrat Saiyed Muhammad Sirajuddin SHAHEALAM Bukhari RA and from his sons and descendants up to Peer Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari RA.

The author also included the specific Wazaif of Hazrat Saiyed Muhammad Sirajuddin SHAHEALAM Bukhari RA, that he himself suggested reciting.

Why You Should Read This Book

Seerat-i-Khaandaan-i-ShaheAlam رحمة الله

Our mission is to spread the true factual information about the conditions under which they lived and succeeded in their mission.

  • “Seerat-i-Khandan-i-ShaheAlam RA” book has taken almost 10 years (to gather the authentic data of the historical period of the Sufis Bukhari family) to complete. So, anyone can imagine how precious the book should be.
  • The book is written by none other than a family member and a descendent of Hazrat ShaheAlam RA i.e. Peer Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari. So, a sense of family essence can be experienced while reading the book. (Who can better share the things about the family other than a family member?)
  • You’ll get to know about the great Sufis of Soharwardi tradition and their monasteries in Uch Sharif and in other parts of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc.
  • This book shows you a beautiful picture of a family where everyone is highly ranked Awliya and their love and respect for each other.
  • You’ll be surprised with the miracles that occurred by Hazrat ShaheAlam RA, and by other Awliya of the tradition.
  • As a gift, the author included the specific Wazaif suggested by Hazrat Saiyed Muhammad Sirajuddin SHAHEALAM Bukhari RA which is very precious.
  • Best of all, While reading this book, you’ll feel that you’re living in that time and it’s all happening in front of your eyes.

What Our Readers Have To Say About The Book

A book by an author who has already got tons of 5 star reviews on Amazon India for his other books. So it is not difficult to gauge the quality of this book. (We have a lot of orders from the Amazon India website where we have a bunch of 5-star positive reviews). Check out some of those.

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Note: The prime objective of marketing our book is to make this book available for everyone in the world. This is for the sake of spreading the right message of Islam.


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The palatability of the book is that the writer has strengthened and made it more fruitful by keeping at its background many standard and authentic books.

The descriptions that are given in the book are from authentic and absolutely reliable sources. Therefore, this book is really a gem and is praise-worthy.

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    Nice information about sarkaar ShaheAlam
    This book gave us knowledge of khandane ShaheAlam

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