The Lineage of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ (English/Urdu)

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The Lineage of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ (English)

Hindi & Urdu Versions are titled as (Virasat-e-Rasoolallah ﷺ, Moula Ali our Aoulad-e-Ali alaihissalam)

The True History of Islam

This Book “The Lineage of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ” is all about what it is subtitled “The true history of Islam”.

Our book describes the circumstances of Huzur’sﷺ inheritance (Virasat e Rasulﷺ), Maula Ali alaihissalam, and from the lineage of Huzur-e-Aqdasﷺ till Maula Ali alaihissalam and twelve Imam till Hazrat Imam Mehdi alaihissalam.

Because our lineage begins from Hazrat Imam Naqi alaihissalam as they are our progenitors, we have given the descriptions of their sacrifices in the path of Islam. We have also described their circumstances.

An Introduction To The Content

The purpose of writing this book is to let the people know the story of torture done on Huzur’sﷺ physical heirs and the nearest companions and the confusions created after the sad demise of Huzurﷺ.

After the Prophet, Hazrat Abubakar Siddiq alaihissalam was crowned as a Caliph. After that Hazrat Umar alaihissalam was given this post and then Hazrat Usman-e-Gani alaihissalam was appointed as a Caliph. He also was martyred. After the death of Hazrat Usman-e-Gani alaihissalam, the conditions were very delicate.

Due to the conspiracies of Bani Umiyyah, Islam was to be leaned towards the controls of kings. Maula-e-Kainat Hazrat Ali Murtuza alaihissalam was busy collecting the Qur’anic verses. He was deeply sunk into prayers and practices.

During this time, big shots of Islam came to him and requested him to shoulder the responsibilities of Islam. He bluntly refused. A meeting of the executive committee (Shurathe executive committee) was convened, and, after a great insistence, Hazrat Ali alaihissalam accepted these responsibilities.

And as a result of unanimous agreement, he became one of the selected of the Momins (Mominin Munkhab). He prevented the people from going wild in their behavior. He had to fight many wars (briefly explained each war inside the book). He turned all the malicious plans of Bani Umiyyah into a great failure.

And then how Hazrat Imam Hasan a.s. appointed and after him, Hazrat Imam Husain a.s.

The author also included the details of the War of Karbala and incidents that happened after Karbala. This book consists of the life details of all the twelve (12) Imam’s and about their books, works, and much more.

Why You Should Read This Book

The Lineage of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad

Hazrat Maula Ali alaihissalam, Hazrat Fatema alaihissalam

Hazrat Imam Hassan alaihissalam, Hazrat Imam Hussain alaihissalam



Our mission is to spread true factual information about the conditions under which they lived and succeeded in their mission.

  • This book will take you through the earliest period of Islam and the immense contribution that Hazrat Ali a.s. has given from his childhood for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
  • This book will give you the real picture of what type of hardships and troubles Hazrat Ali (alaihissalam) and other Ahl-e-Beit went through. But how can Ahl-e-Beit be destroyed who has been nourished and cared for by the Prophet (Rasul-e-Kainatﷺ) himself, his divine presence (Fakhr-e-Maujudat) is our pride
  • This is one of the rarest books which consist details of how Islam rose over time and the struggle that the Prophet ﷺ, the Caliphs r.a., the Ahlul-Beit had faced.
  • Includes the historic sermon of Hazrat Imam Zainul-Abedin a.s. which he has delivered in the mosque of Syria in front of Yazid (la’nati, cursed).
  • Includes the brief details of the very known battles such as the Battle of Badr, Uhad, Khandaq, And the battle of Khaiber.
  • The author has emphasized greatly the life details of Sayyida Fatima a.s. (the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)
  • The book tells you about The temptation and the corruption of Bani Umayyah and the lure of power.
  • You’ll know about all the twelve pious Imam of Islam and about their life history, their families, their books, and their rest places.
  • Top of all, the author has ornamented the whole book with references from authentic books like Sahih Bukhari, Ahmed, Abu Ya’ala, Baihaki, Kanzul-Imam, etc.
  • The Book contains all the miracles and rare details about the entire lives of twelve great and pious Imams.

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The palatability of the book is that the writer has strengthened and made it more fruitful by keeping at its background many standard and authentic books.

The descriptions that are given in the book are from authentic and absolutely reliable sources. Therefore, this book is really a gem and is praise-worthy.

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1 review for The Lineage of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ (English/Urdu)


    The reality of Islam
    This is a true read if you want to learn more About the Life of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (Sallallahotaala alay hi wasallam) and the Lineage of Prophet(Sallallahotaala alay hi wasallam)
    I am feeling very happy that I got this book.
    If you want to know the Real Sufism and Real History of Islam with Authentic resources then I think you should read this book.
    I am thankful of Peer o Murhsid.

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