BadreAlam Bukhari working in office

Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadareAlam AhmedAli Bukhari is a very versatile personality and having a great heart with emotions for the social welfare and uplifting the needy ones.

Peer BadreAalam Bukhari, the practitioner of the Prophet’s way of life (Peer-e-Tariqat), who has utilized every moment of his life in showing gratefulness to the Almighty Allah for the blessings and happiness.

Various Work of Peer-i-Tareeqat Saiyed BadreAlam Bukhari

He keeps himself busy in various social works along with his printing and publishing Business in Ahmedabad i.e. Shahji Global Biz PVT ltd.

  1. He has founded Shahji Education Academy in Ahmedabad.
  2. He is running the following activities under the Shahji Education Academy.
  3. It provides educational and career guidance programs along with communication skill development training programs for economically backward class individuals.
  4. He is successfully organizing Children Religious Encouragement Program for young minds.
  5. Monthly Islamic sessions for Ladies for many years because he strongly believes that the future of the Muslim Ummah lies in the hands of young generations and future mothers.
  6. He has been efficaciously running THREE Madrassa, one for elderly people and TWO for children where they can attain basic knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah.
  7. He brought a great revolution in the Ghanchi (at Silwasa, Gujarat) community by preaching them the need for education. This is the continuous efforts of him that today a number of Ghanchi families have their children well educated and offering their services in various sectors worldwide.
  8. He strongly condemns the act of terrorism and always moralized society by the message that Islam is the religion of peace, forgiveness, harmony.
  9. He has always kept himself busy in the activities of writing, printing, and publishing books on this subject. The books are the result of his toil and strenuous efforts. After the study of different types of life-sketches, he wrote books viz. Sirat-e-Khandan-e-Shah-e-Aalam رحمة الله (Life history of Shah-e-Aalam’s رحمة الله Family), Saiyed Kaun (Who is Saiyed?), Virasat-e-RasulMaula Ali عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ wa Aulade Ali عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ, Jummat-e-Shahiya (The Sermons of Hazrat Shah-e-Aalam_)Vol 1 & 2, The brief Life History and Shajrah Sharif of Hazrat Musa Suhaag رحمة الله including the book Har Maah ke Alahida Alalhida Nifal Namaz, Roza Aur Wazaif (Particular obligatory prayers, fasting and hymns for different months). These books have been studied by people of all levels and have been warmly welcomed by one and all. The book Virasat-e-Rasul ﷺ i. e. Heritage of Rasul that he has written is the result of his in-depth study of various books on the subject.